You’ll Never Forget Your First

First love. First kiss. First "F" on a test. First girlfriend/boyfriend. First friend. First heartbreak. First apartment. First..... You'll never forget many of your "firsts", will you? Me either. Sometimes they're good, sometimes you'd rather not remember. Well, I've had a lot of "firsts" in my nursing career. Granted, I've only been at it about... Continue Reading →

When You Just Feel Uninspired

Here I am, in the middle of a coffee shop, staring at this familiar white, blank space, waiting for words to occupy it. I know I haven't written a blog post in a little while. Maybe it's because I don't know exactly what to write about. I've been feeling sort of stuck, lately. I don't know if... Continue Reading →

The Thing About Love…

Love. Relationships. Dating. Marriage. It's everywhere, isn't it? If you're anything like me, it's kind of frustrating sometimes. And, it's not that you or I are unhappy for that person or that couple, it's just, you wonder when that's going to be you. I'm 23. I have a lot of time to find that someone.... Continue Reading →

Under the Circumstances…

The other day, I was organizing my shoes in my closet. I have a favorite pair of black pumps. The classic high-heel. I can wear them for hours. They're beautiful shoes, and I feel good when I get to wear them. We all have that favorite pair of shoes, ladies. Since I moved to Colorado, those... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Resolu- Resolve

Welcome to the new year, everyone! I recently returned from a visit to Texas where a bunch of us TCU folk got together to celebrate the New Year. Go Frogs. It was a blast! It's so awesome to see friends all in different walks of life and starting their lives. It was good to see family.... Continue Reading →

Working on Christmas

I've been a nurse for a year and 4 months and I realized that I haven't told enough stories from my experience so far. I mean, I have a story after every single day I work. I've been asked what some of my craziest stories are. Well, there are plenty. However, there are a few... Continue Reading →


Happy Thanksgiving, friends! I hope everyone has had a fun-filled Thanksgiving, full of laughter, love, friends, and family. It's always the time of year where you see all of the "thankful" posts. And, those are wonderful! I love seeing people so happy, being around their loved ones. I just want to take a minute and reflect... Continue Reading →

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